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Homoeopathy and Anxiety
Hello Dr Roma
It’s been almost 45 days taking treatment from you so just wanted to share the results with you.
I got COVID in the month of April 2021 after which I was suffering with anxiety problem but after taking homoeopathic medicine from you I am feeling much much better now earlier I used to cry every single day without any reason and there was palpitation also but now all this has gone and I am living my life normally as earlier .
The best thing is I poured my heart out in front of you my fears my worries everything and you listened and understood everything what I am going through and gave a mental satisfaction so mentally you healed me and internally your medicine healed me.
Thanks for this care as a doctor!
Cure Case of Migraine
A women of 47 years of age came with a problem of MIGRAINE SINCE 19 year of age. Her treatment started 10 days ago and this was the improvement within 10 days. 
She used to have severe headache and stiffness of neck while doing any work which required her to bend her neck. Now, her frequency of migraine decreased and she can comfortably do tasks requiring her to bend the neck. 

Dr. Roma thank u so much
Mujhe meri migraine mein kaafi aaraam hai
Main pahle se kaafi active feel kr rahi hun
All the very best for future
The power of Homoeopathy.
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Cure Case of Covid
Hii .. thanks a lot !! Your medication helped me recover fast from covid and i could see immediate results and improvement.
My body ache which was really bad before your medication improved within a day .My health is much better now .
Thank you so much for your help ūüėä
Cure Case of Diagnosed with IBS Diarrhoea
Hey Dr Roma. You are incredibly amazing. From the first diagnosis through the available treatments, you have taken excellent care of my health. Since I was diagnosed with IBS diarrhoea, it was impossible for me to continue with my routine. On most occasions, I would be on the verge of starvation. I'm genuinely happy to have found you. Since I've been taking your medications for four months, I can attest to their effectiveness. I'm incredibly appreciative.
Reverence and regards,
Cure Case of Styes
Dr.Roma is very humble and understanding…. She listens everything very carefully and understands the depth of the disease. I was suffering from recurrent styes …by taking treatment from her … within a week stye got drained and now i am totally fine . One of the best doctors in Tricity.
Cure Case of Anxiety
I started seeking help from Dr. Roma for my anxiety. Miraculously, I could see results in my mental health with 15 days which was unexpectedly good. I thank her for all the help and understanding towards the issues I was facing. Thank you once again.
Cure Case of Migraine
My age old migraine has been cured by the consultation and support of Dr. Roma.
The best homeopathic practitioner I've ever seen. She listens to your problem very patiently & do tell the best cure for that problem.
Do visit her once if you're also having some kind problem and are tired of finding the right cure for your problem
Cure Case of Calcaneal Spu
Thanks dr. Roma for my best treatment for calcaneal spur in my both feet. Now l am absolutely fine. No problem in walking and specially in the morning. God bless you a bright future.